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I'm going to show you my proven method for mastering Acoustic Country Blues guitar in HALF the time that you would learning from anyone else. This DVD Series will cover 4+ hours of content, 6 lessons, on 4 discs, and will shortcut your country blues playing through the learning "hacks" I have learned in my 20+ years of playing.
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Country Blues DVD Master Series
The Most Complete Acoustic Country Blues Series that Exists, Guaranteed to make you a master in a matter of weeks! 
6 Lessons, 4 Discs, 4+ Hours of content
  • Foundational Country Blues - A Crash Course on the essential skills and licks
  • Advanced Techniques - Start learning songs in the style of Mississippi John Hurt
  • Ragtime Blues - A must have style in any blues players repertoir
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6 Lessons, 4 Discs, 5+ Hours Content, And More!!