Legendary Acoustic Guitar Teacher Neil Hogan Presents:

Free Video Series: Acoustic Country Mastery

In this FREE, four part video series
You’ll quickly master the skills essential for playing your favourite
country blues songs on guitar!

The Fastest Method to Master Acoustic Country Blues Guitar

Neil Hogan is a renown guitar instructor who has released three original albums, but is best known for his ability to help his students quickly master virtually any guitar technique more than 200% faster than any other method. He founded TotallyGuitars.com in 2009 and has since helped thousands of guitar players like you master the art and quickly play like a seasoned professional

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Here’s what you’re going to learn in the free four part Acoustic Country Blues Mastery Video Series

Video Lesson 1:

In Lesson 1, you learn music in the style of Mississippi John Hurt, folk blues with alternating bass notes. After this video alone, you’ll know some sweet country blue licks!

Video Lesson 2:

In Lesson 2, you ‘ll master the Big Bill Broonzy style, learning a “Smokestack Lightning.: Similar songs include Hey Hey as done by Eric Clapton, Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Video Lesson 3:

In Lesson 3, will be Sally, Wher’d You Get Your Liquor by Reverend Gary Davis, using the thumb and index finger alternating through a scale technique.

Video Lesson 4:

This might be the most important video in which you’ll learn how to completely master country blues along with some very special techniques that only true country blues masters know.

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